Recommendations and guide for runners at the 34th Belgrade Marathon

Dear runners, we are all aware of the fact that this year's, 34th in a row, Belgrade Marathon is organized in specific conditions, both due to the infectious disease COVID-19 and due to the period and time of event.

That is why we invite you to be responsible together, to respect anti-epidemic measures and thus show that such an event can be organized safely, to the joy of all of us. And we are convinced that we can do that, because organization, responsibility and discipline are characteristic of the running population! Let's show together that mass racing events are not risky, but that they are an example of good practice in the world, because physical activity in a pandemic is not only desirable but also necessary.


Our first recommendation is that all participants be vaccinated against COVID-19 or be tested negative for infection.


Come to the race healthy and ready. Don't "chase" the result. Never try to go beyond your limits. Make a good and realistic personal race plan. Follow the weather conditions a few days before the race and on the day of the race (temperature, pressure and humidity) and adjust your diet, supplementation and especially get enough hydration!


Make sure that your race at the Belgrade Marathon this year is a return to a regular training process and a normal life.


The general measures that we will apply at the event are: measuring the temperature of the participants in the pre-start zone (on Nikola Pašić Square), setting up disinfection barriers at the entrances to the changing tents, as well as at the entrance to the starting boxes; installation of gels and sprays for disinfection at all meeting places and control of physical distance by officials in the organization…


Special measures by sectors of the organization are below


  1. Reception center


Keep your distance in the reception center area!

Wear a mask and keep your physical distance while you wait for your racing package, have patience, stand in line for your race.

In case of a bigger line, please wear a mask and keep your distance.

Respect and follow the instructions of the officials in the organization!


  1. Pre-start zone


In the pre-start zone - keep your distance!

Try to organize the changing and storage of clothes and personal equipment by yourself - without using the wardrobe space.

If you are not able to do that, you are obliged to wear a protective mask in the changing tents!

While leaving your wardrobe in the designated place, keep your distance in a row and in case of a bigger line, wear a mask.

Respect and follow the instructions of the officials in the organization!


  1. Start zone


It is obligatory to keep physical distance and wear masks in the start zone!

The start will be prepared in two boxes.

The first box will be for 300-500 runners who start in the first wave. The second box is a preparatory box for 300-500 runners, which includes the next group.

Only marathon participants will be in the first two waves. The half marathon starts from the third wave. The waves are not determinable by the pace of the runners. We organize them exclusively so that the runners have enough space on the track to maintain the appropriate distance. Each runner will have their net time in the finish in the results.

Respect and follow the instructions of the officials in the organization!


  1. Course


After the start, it is allowed to take off the mask and put it away or take it with you.

Only fruit and a bottle that you take personally for your own needs are allowed to be touched at the refreshment stations.

Tables at the crowded stations will be separated and in increased numbers. Don’t make a crowd on the first tables.

Respect and follow the instructions of the officials in the organization!






  1. Finish zone


At the Finish zone it is obligatory to keep your distance!

After passing through the finish gate, put on the mask you brought with you or take a new one from the officials in the organization.

The medals will be handed over to the runners (they will not be hung around the neck) by the organizers.

Finish refreshments will be packed in separate bags, as well as gifts from sponsor. Just touch your refreshment and your gift.

Leave the finish area as soon as possible without staying in it.

Respect and follow the instructions of the officials in the organization!


  1. Taking over the wardrobe after leaving the Finish zone


Keep a distance at the wardrobe tent!

When you arrive after the finish line to pick up your clothing, stand in line and keep your distance.

In case of a bigger line, use a mask.

Respect and follow the instructions of the officials in the organization!




Your Belgrade marathon