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18th Belgrade Delta Sport Marathon
Saturday, April 23rd 2005

Marlene Ottey
Promoter of the 18th Belgrade Delta Sport Marathon

One of the best sprinters of all time, born May 10th 1960 in Cold Springs, Jamaica.


She competed for Jamaica until the Sydney Games in 2000, when after a dispute with the Athletic Association of Jamaica she decided to change her citizenship. On her 42nd birthday, May 19th 2002, she received Slovenian passport, henceforth competing for Slovenia, where she has been living since 1998 and working with coach Srđan Đorđević.

Her personal bests remain worthy of respect even today: 10,74 in the 100m (Sept 7th 1996), the fourth result of all time, and 21,64 in the 200m (Sept 13th 1991), the third result of all time.
Ottey holds the record of most Olympic medals won by an individual female athlete 8 (-, 3, 5).
Together with Australian Strickland and Pole Szewinska she ranks first when it comes to the number of Olympic medals won in an individual event (6).
She is also the most successful Olympic athlete of all time with regard to the points won in qualifying for the finals (13 finals, 69 points).
She is the only female athlete who competed at seven Olympic Games (Moscow 1980, Los Angeles 1984, Seoul 1988, Barcelona 1992, Atlanta 1996 and Sydney 2000 for Jamaica, and Athens 2004 for Slovenia).
In Sydney in 2000 she became the first female Olympian to won a medal 20 years after the winning of her first Olympic trophy. At the same time, she became the oldest female athlete to win an Olympic medal (40 years 143 day).
Together with the Swedish fencer Kerstin Palm, who also has seven Olympic appearances, Merlene Ottey is the «most long-lasting» Olympian of all time.
If she competes in the Peking Games in 2008 she will surpass Palm and equal the scores of Italians Raimondo and Piero d’Inzeo (equestrian) and Paul Elvström (Denmark), Durward Knowles (Bahamas) and Hubert Raudaschl (Austria) (all yachting), the only Olympians with eight participations (clearly, their sports are physically far less demanding than the athletics).
She debuted for Slovenia at the Athens Games in 2004. In the first heat of the 100-meter dash she had the fourth time with 11,14, in the second heat the eleventh time with 11,24, and in the semi-final the tenth time with 11,21. In the first heat of the 200m she set the Slovenian national record with 22,72, in the second heat with 23,07 she had the fourteenth time, but she got injured in the semi-final and dropped out.
Merlene Ottey is the most successful participant of the world championships where she won 14 medals. She is the world championships' most successful athlete in an individual event – in the 200m she won two golds, a silver and three bronzes all between 1983 and 1997. She is the oldest world champion – on the day she won the 200m in Göteborg in 1995 she was 35 years and 92 days old.
She won 6 medals (3, 2, 1) at the European Indoor Championships. At the Commonwealth Games she was medalled 5 times (3, 1, 1).

  • Moscow, 1980:
    bronze in the 200m
  • Los Angeles, 1984:
    bronze in the 100m, bronze in the 200m
  • Barcelona, 1992:
    bronze in the 200m
  • Atlanta, 1996:
    silver in the 100m, silver in the 200m, bronze in the 4 x 100m
  • Sydney, 2000:
    silver in the 4 x 100m


  • Helsinki, 1983:
    silver in the 200m,
    bronze in the
     4 x 100m
  • Rome, 1987:
    bronze in the 100m, bronze in the 200m
  • Tokyo, 1991:
    bronze in the 100m, bronze in the 200m, gold in the 4 x 100m
  • Göteborg, 1995:
    silver 4 x 100m
  • Stuttgart, 1993:
    silver in the 100m, gold in the 200m, bronze in the 4 x 100m
  • Göteborg, 1995:
    silver in the 100m, gold in the 200m
  • Athens, 1997:
    bronze in the 200m,
    silver in the 4 x 100m


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